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Medan Jaya Pharmacy Sdn Bhd

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To help shipowners in all matters regarding medicine chest

Company profile

Medan jaya pharmacy is a licensed retail and wholesale pharmacy established in 2014. We are conveniently located at Medan Jaya Commercial Centre (hence our name) in Bintulu, Sarawak.


Medan Jaya Pharmacy was established with the aim of providing professional healthcare to the local community. Customers and patients are at the heart of our business and we are committed  to providing exceptional care to them.


We provide unbiased, evidence based healthcare advices to our customers and patients. We also carry a wide range health related products to meet the needs of the local population.

We also supply medicines, first aid kits, living aids to palm oil plantations, schools, government bodies and charity organisations.


In 2017, we responded to Mardepts' calling and apply to become medicine chest inspector. After undergoing exclusive training and passing all the requirements, we were acknowledged and approved by Mardept to become its Medicine Chest Inspector.   

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